The Hana Collection
The Hana Collection

Scott Hernandez (photo on right) designed and developed the unique process and hand-crafts the world-class Hana Collection ceramic jewelry on the island of Maui since 1991. Scott originally created it as a gift for his Mom and sisters.  It goes without saying the inspiration behind this uniquely natural and wearable art is a vision from nature and love.  "Nature has the ability to renew and heal, and so do we.  We are nature itself".


Impressions of tropical leaves of Mango, Guava, Papaya, Hibiscus, Avacado, ferns, wild Coleus, Hong Kong Orchid and other exotic leaves from the rainforest appear fosilized when fired into a uniquely formulated clay.  The detailed leaf impressions are stained with volcanic ash and framed in a shimmering 22K European bright yellow or white gold glaze.  No molds or slips are used in the crafting process, making each piece truly unique.  But, I'll keep the secret elements of the process to myself.




Many designs are enhanced with a rainbow of Swarovski® crystals and 14k gold-fill or sterling silver wire and bead findings.  The Hana Collection ceramic jewelry is made in a wide variety of shapes and sizes; as pendants, pins, necklaces with goat skin leather cord, post and dangle earrings.  They are light weight like mom likes them, durable and eye catching.

"The leaves capture the spirit of the island and the gold reflects our light that brings us peace."



 Photo above:  Scott Hernandez